What is new in social media 2015 ?

What is new in social media 2015The best thing of social media according to me is its regular changes and updates. It gives a fresh look to social media and there is no place for get bored from anything. Change is the rule of nature and it also followed by social media in order to create something fresh and learn from mistake and does better in coming time.

Mobile first

The first latest update trend in social media that roll out after 22 April 2015 is search results measured by the more click searches by mobile. It is Google’s mobile friendly update that comes with big revolution in social media. It increases the number of prospective clients for your business.

Few years ago, mobile has been viewed as the second screen, but in 2015, marketers must need to pay more attention to a mobile. They create their website and business strategy to keep mobile in their mind. That means self-determining strategies for independent devices. Most probably, this trend will carry on through the next several years to come.

Content Marketing Gets More Social

The strength of content marketing is count not only on the creation of a grand content but it is measured by how you can effectively distribute this content for your targeted audiences. It is all about your stuff like it is represent in effective manner, Information that include in it interesting, informative and useful for viewers. It connects you more with your audience and you get more engagement.

Audio and Video Will control Social Content – Any other digital marketing channel, audio and video elements evolved to become strong visual tools that generate better engagements and positive responses. In 2015, video is up and give two benefits to brand. First, audio-visual way of storytelling is emotionally convincing so share your story and displays your products and messages in quite pretty manner. Secondly, vloggers and micro-vloggers are a nice way to put your message before your audience. You can use instagram and other audio-visual sites for market your brand to promote your business online.

More money will flow into social media

It will be expected that the flow of money is continue raising in social media companies in 2015. Business makers know about social media and they also know that people are spending their time more on social media sites, so it is a nice way to target folks where they are. So they invest their more efforts and also money in order to build their brand stronger and the result, that money will make these companies stronger, and it means that they have the resources to innovate and grab the attention of public.

Social media companies will become more than just networks

Major social networking sites is not developed just as websites and apps that many people visit and use in everyday life, but infrastructures support messaging, targeting, and measuring users.

The best example of that is Facebook. Facebook has a website, with a social network, they have many apps connected to it, but Facebook is also allow advertisers to use its social graph, its profile database to reach people in other places and make a healthy relation with them.

Recently, Facebook purchased ad server Atlas so that you can target people Not only those that are available at facebook but also the out of reach of facebook. Social media is almost a red herring that enables them to become strong infrastructure for marketing. So use it and grow with it.

More metrics

An element of efforts to optimize and personalize social is by the performance of those initiatives. It is not enough to have fans and followers only. Social media marketers must give their attention at the way in which what they do works towards business goals like conversion, email acquisition, or retention. Using the right metrics will be even more important.

These are the new trend that comes in social media at 2015, so make something better with these new trends of social media.

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