What is Google page rank and How I can improve my site page rank ?

What is Google page rank and How I can improve my site page rankNowadays, it is quite easy to create a website at pretty little cost, start-up companies and also established businesses have an increasing number of competitors when selling their products and services online.

With this dispersion of the market and Google pushing their whole search results further down the page in favor of their paid listings, it is some more difficult for businesses to be noticed online without paying Google for the advantage.

Page Rank is an analysis algorithm of links which is used by search engines to determine relative importance of your link within their database. We tell you some strategy that helps you in your site page rank

1. Pool your votes

Often many business owners don’t realize that www.mywebsite.com and http://my website.com are measured as different pages by search engines. And the result is that any links that you receive being diluted between the two pages. It’s the equal of a political party dividing up and the votes being shared by the two new parties. The solution to this universal problem is to tell Google that you want all the votes from www.mywebsite.com to be counted towards http://mywebsite.com. This can be easily executed by using a permanent (known as a 301) redirect from one of the pages to the other.

2. Provide testimonials

Every company relies on other businesses to provide products and services. We strongly recommend that to get top ranking in Google provide businesses with testimonials. Many companies have already a dedicated page on their website for testimonials, for showing social proof to potential customers. Usually the company will fly at the chance to receive a testimonial from a satisfied customer and will be more than happy t then find them link back to your website. This technique helps you to cultivate a good relationship with suppliers.

3. Offer discounts

Everyone loves to get good deal and clubs and association love to promote such advantage to their members. Offering an exclusive discount to a club or organization is a highly successful way of receiving a link

4. Donate to charity

Often charities will list their donors and benefactors on their website. If there is a relevant charity your business can donate to, asked to be listed on this page with a link back to your website.

5. Volunteer your services

If your business can’t have enough money to donate to a charity, maybe you could offer your services. On the other hand, you could have a staff team-building day on which you support a local charity. This is nice for moral and can help promote your company.

6. Locate references without links

Give a little look for web pages that mention your business or website. Without a link back to your site, Google will not count the citation as a vote. You can use Google Alerts to get an automated notification, so that anytime, you will receive an e-mail that a website mentions your business. You can then get in touch and ask them to provide a link back to your website.

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